19 March 2016

There are 3 races held during the day with each class of boat assigned to a particular race.


Fours (4+, 4-)

Quads (4x)

Pairs (2-)

Doubles (2x)


All entries must be done by club secretaries on Tracker. NO TELEPHONE ENTRIES shall be accepted.

There must be a minimum of 3 crews from 2 different clubs in order for pennants to be awarded.

If there is only 1 crew entered in a category they will be moved to the next eligible category. All attempts will be made to advise club captain if this occurs.

Fees are on the basis of boat seats, at €5 per Junior and €7.50 for all others. Coxes: no fee.
Fees paid in full, prior to 16th March will be entitled to a 10% discount.

No entries will be accepted from clubs that have not paid their IARU affiliation fee. No entries will be accepted for rowers who have not paid their IARU registration fees.

Details of boating times, slips etc will be supplied with the draw during the week before the event and will be posted on the galwayheadoftheriver.ie website.

Captains, please note that the expected large entry means that the organisers will be necessarily strict regarding slipping on time, and will be closing the river at Menlo 20 minutes before each race. Crews WILL be disqualified if late. It is our intention to run the event strictly on time.

We would like to draw your attention to the IARU safety regulations regarding heelstraps, Bow-balls, etc. Please ensure that your equipment complies with these regulations and that all coxes wear life jackets. You are also expected to ensure that all your competitors can swim. All crews including novices are expected to have been trained to negotiate navigation markers as indicated at coxes meeting, handle themselves in open water, and be able to comply with safety marshals instructions.

Marshalls are obliged to prevent crews from proceeding to the start if the crew is deemed to be incompetent or insufficiently experienced for the conditions. Crew competency is the responsibility of the coach. The organisers would impress upon all coaches that they should be cognisant of the river conditions on the day.